The Lure of Facebook

Social media has been rapidly advancing over the years, with many changes such as the change in social media platforms that people use, from sites such as Friendster in the past to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today. One prominent social media site that is being used by millions of people worldwide is Facebook. It was first launched in 2004, and has grown to be one of the most popular social media sites among millions today.

A paper done by Hodis and colleagues, published in the Journal of Marketing Management aptly describes the 4 main segments of Facebook users:


Entertainment Chasers:

  • low levels of creation and consumption
  • mainly use Facebook just to consume entertainment content such as watching videos.

Attention Seekers:

  • high level of creation and low level of consumption
  • mainly use Facebook to create me-centric posts, glamorizing the highlights of their day, geared to generate admiration or even jealousy from their friends.
  • large pool of followers


  • high levels of creation and consumption
  • loves to immerse themselves into the virtual Facebook world to escape/find relief from their real-life problems, and gather moral support from their Facebook friends
  • puts in the effort to post long meaningful posts, and comment meaningful thoughts on their friends’ posts

Connection Seekers:

  • low level of creation and high level of consumption
  • mainly use this platform to enhance their relationships in real life, and make use of Facebook as a hangout place to connect with both new and old friends.
  • usually such connections occur at night or over the weekend


Facebook is an awesome platform for many reasons. Some of which are listed below:

First, it allows users to connect and reach out to various people that have been in and out of their lives, especially past school mates through functions such as Yearbook which allows past alumni of a school to all get connected in such an easy way.

Second, businesses can make use of Facebook by maintaining a Facebook page. There is a low cost involvement other than occasional promotional ads, and not much negative consequences. According to Deluca and Goad, 2011, the shopping behavior of the public is increasingly influenced by social media interactions. As such, by maintaining a social media presence such as the creation of a brand page on Facebook, this will improve customer communications and boost the brand image of the company in the long run.

These are just 2 reasons out of many. Facebook has opened up endless opportunities for people to connect and businesses to build customer relationships. Facebook has indeed revolutionized the world, and it will continue to do so for a long time.


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